Where should KW be headed? This isn't about what bug ought to be stomped on next. This is "big picture" stuff. Should careers be extended dramatically by KW, and if so, how? Maybe Sims have too much fun and not enough consequences. Is there a kinky subculture that you think is a great fit for KW? Speculate and philosophize.

Because Wikia isn't good at voting-enable idea lists, It's up to us to keep these pages clean and organized. Please read the list of ideas before adding a new one, if you spot duplicates, please merge them. If you think you have a new idea but another listed one is even somewhat similar, Please add it as a bullet below the original, etc.

Major Feature Ideas:

  • Speculative View on Trait Interaction in Sim Families
  • New Trait: Cuckold
  • Sim reactions and reputation.
    • Things like Iif a 'proper' sim witnesses an exibitionist, their relationship should go down. Or if any sim that doesn't have animal lover or adventurous witnesses a zoo interaction, etc. There should be a limit to how far it can go down so as to avoid the 'emperor of evil' aura problem of dropping relationship all the way to enemy.
      • To add to this idea, how about a configuration panel that lists the enabled paraphilias for the game being played (exhibitionist, zoophilia, etc) with a picklist with choices "Inappropriate", "Illegal", "Acceptable"? The response of other Sims and of Sim law enforcement witnessing the activity varies depending on the setting of this flag. Basically the Rape mechanism generalized.

Minor Feature Ideas:

  • Any NPC sim with the 'voyeur' trait should be in the service pool to come look in the active family's windows. Tom Peeping would just seed the service pool to make sure there is at least one sim.
  • (with pets and supernatural) Interspecies pregnancy with a unicorn should have a % chance for a human child to be a fairy. Matches the existing chance for a dog-child to be a werewolf. And zombie-child might be a vampire.
  • An 'incorruptible' trait or zero-point lifetime reward. A sim with this trait can never have their personality changed due to kinky actions.
  • A Swingers Circle for married sims to do Wife/Husband swapping without harming Spousal relations, could require an Opportunity to join.
  • Usable bondage equipment and perhaps a special "dungeon" lot.
  • A "Stud Farm" lot type specifically for zoophilia and related activities.

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