Let's give custom content creators well thought out arguments about why they should be spending their valuable time creating Pokemon-themed nipple pasties for KW players to use. Or whatever. Help identify the market need.

Animations Edit

Objects Edit

  • Nudity-only and Nudity-encouraged bouncer rope and/or Room Marker (buydebug)
    • Failed exhibition check spawns a 'go home' interaction.
    • Useful for making sex-venues
  • Increased Arousal Room Marker (buydebug)
    • Sex venues
  • Stripper-dance pole that's KW interaction enabled
    • Sex venues
  • Add 'Hard Rock' to bubble machine, which acts like the pills
  • Fix the Stockade by funnyface from being overused (funnyface object linked to from lady666)
    • The sims use it way too often and with no privacy
  • Add join and KW interactions to Stockade and Bondagerack by funnyface that don't cancel active interaction
  • New lot type "Stud Farm" for zoophilia.
  • Animation-friendly bondage furniture.