• Hi there OnikiKay, 

    I have been playing with a male and female Sim to see how things work. With my male sim, when I click on him and click Kinky.... > Woohoo... > both interactions (Woohoo alone: handjob and Woohoo alone: teasing) are both grayed out and when I hover over them they say "No animation has been found." Do i have to download those from somwhere?

    When I click on my female sim and go to Kinky... > Woohoo... she has the ability to masturbate on all fours but cannot woohoo alone: handjob (I assume because she has no penis but it still says "no animation") and cannot woohoo alone: teasing (which I'm not sure what that is but also is grayed out and "no animation")

    Also when I click on her and go into Kinky... there's the ability to "put on bra" and "put panties" but they are grayed out and say "PutBra.Feedback:NoBraInInventory" and "PutBra.Feedback:NoPantiesInInventory" respectively. I cannot seem to give them to her through the underwear settings.

    If you could get back to me on these, that would be awesome. Thank you so much for this amazing mod. It's wonderful.

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