The Packages settings menu is reached from the WooHoo settings menu.

The purpose of this menu is to add and remove animation sets. Animation sets come in two flavors:

  • KW-compliant: These animation sets are configured such that the KW mod can correctly select animations from these sets to complete animation sequences.
  • Legacy: These animation sets do not have the hooks necessary to support animation sequences. If random WooHoo position is disabled, however, these animations (as well as KW-compliant animations) are listed and can be selected by the player via a dialog at the start of a WooHoo.

When KW loads, the kinkystages animation set is already loaded. This is a minimal animation set built into the KW mod distribution.

Certain other animation sets, if they are in the Sims 3 Mods folder, are detected and added automatically.

The list of animations reports on the name or key for the set, and the number of individual animations in the set. If the animation set is a legacy animation set, the name or key is prefixed with "(Legacy)".

To add an animation set that does not appear in the list, click on "Add Animations Package". A dialog appears prompting for a Name or Key for the animation set. If a valid name or key is provided, the list of animations is updated with the new animation.


To remove an animation, click on the name or key listed. Confirm via the dialog that appears that you intend to unload that animation set.

Here is a list of the most popular KW-compliant and legacy animation sets in use:

Set Name or Key Legacy or KW-Compliant Last Updated