Aroused / Horny - gained automatically, or from seeing sims woohoo, or from watching Kinky telelvision

Woohoo: Post-woohoo moodlet. Woohooing for the first times gives a strong 24-hour mood boost.

Raped: Negative mood unless the sim's a Masochist (by trait or LTR)

There are also some newer moodlets that appear after certain forms of sex, such as the Creampied moodlet.

Horny Curse: Moodlet can be only made by a Wizard. The "victim" gain the moodlet and accept every woohoo asks until a woohoo session has been made (it end at every kind woohoo stage starting the session, so beware of non-linked stages.)

Recent builds have added alcohol-related moodlets which make your sim more likely to autonomously perform certain actions.

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