Masochist can be either given to a sim as a trait, or earned if Sims have been raped (without the rapist getting arrested) 25 times. Once earned, the trait is showed up in the Lifetime reward panel.

Incestuous can be either given to a sim as a trait or earned if Sims sharing same bloodline woohoo together. (Caution, in order to perform this without cheating, the Sims must have a Woohoo level six or above and a horny, Super horny or Cursed horny moodlet. So you gonna have to be patient or cheaty in order to win it.) As the masochist trait, it showing up in the Lifetime reward panel once you earned it.

Dog Breeder can be only gain in two ways :

- The Sim had reached the level 10 of the ZooLover skill.


-The Sim lost his/her virginity with a dog. (Male Sim can't actually loose their virginity with dogs, but they can technically earn the trait with the both ways.)

Like the other traits, the Dog Breeder trait will appear in the Lifetime reward panel once earned it.

Horse Breeder : -need to be filled-

Slut, Exhibitionist, appear also in the Lifetime reward panel, but they work more like flags telling to the mod that the Sim have reached the highest level of the affiliated skill. They allow complete freedom to perform any action with the Sim (but not the other) in relation with the said skill

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